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Polyshot is pleased to offer its mold building customers its vacuum brazing services to fuse multi component mold cores and cavity assemblies for conformal cooling purposes. The addition of conformal cooling in mold cavities can have a substantial impact on mold cycle time, part quality and part repeatability. Conformal cooling saves substantial dollars in cycle time savings, and the payback can be quite dramatic.
The process to get a quotation on a project is as follows:
1) Send a email to sales@polyshot.com with general information about the cores or cavities you would like fused together.
2) Typical materials we fuse are H-13, 420 Stainless Steel and S-7. Other materials are also able to be fused.
3) Your cores will be shipped back to you in a soft state, approximately 30 RC. They will require additional post brazing hardening by the customer at a local heat treat facility. Polyshot can also harden them to the required RC for an additional charge.
4) The typical turn around time for this process is about 1-2 weeks. Actual deliveries are determined by amount of parts to be fused etc. and could be longer for more complex projects.
Polyshot has a general guideline PDF for core fusion and preparing your parts for the fusion process. Click here to access the document.
An email comment from a Polyshot Brazing Customer in the Midwest USA:
One word for the curved (2 piece, brazed) cores...Awesome
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